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self-development and new astrologers


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  • How to deceive people quickly and delude them that you hold the secrets of the universe?
  • How to impersonate before the simpletons the act of the savior and expert and the unlocking key for all locked doors?
  • Learn how to luster yourself before audience in six steps.
  • Learn how you can delude your companion and your future business partner, and recruitment team that you are actually the most appropriate person, even if you really are The daemon itself “with its own horns”.

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The reality of self-development

Those astrologists were supposed to be openly be frank with us about the secrets of the game, and write their ads clearly the way above.

This commercial phenomenon, which sells delusion in our Arab homeland, spread like fire in chaff, it found its typical clients of frustrated, lazy, and panting people after the rapid success, fame, and money by any possible means.

It’s very unfortunately that our governmental and public institutions and authorities are being deceived by such deceptive highlights, and are wasting public funds to submit their employees to these workshops and courses and to host some of their Icons and allegers.

Any scrutinizer in the topics of self-development and skills development courses, will find it based on two pillars:

The First: General advices on behavior, taste, etiquette, optimism, time keeping, etc…

They are tips and guidelines available for anyone to offer, as long as they are written in a curriculum, and in this, you do not need experts, professors, and of course, to pay a lot of money.

The Second: Hypothesis without any scientific criteria to test it, speak about a moral subject that cannot be measured scientifically, such as talking about internal energy, the forces of attraction, and the ability to read minds and telepathy, and this (alternative astrology) has been tucked in tips to create attraction, excitement, and the delusion of people that this new science is based on all these supernatural secrets, which are revealed for the first time through specific practical steps that are fit for all and through which reaching to the  Innovator Manufacturing.

Trending hypotheses in the self-development market

  • One of the Masters of this technique in our Arab Gulf world, is marketing his imported law called the attraction law.

Firs, notice how the victim is decoyed and diluted, the topic has suddenly become a law, means that it has suddenly gone beyond the hypothesis and theory phase passing over to the static and proven law.

The conclusion of this law: We attract to our lives what we feel that we think about most of the time.

Well, Sir, why didn’t I attract my scholarship, which I have gone barefoot while striving after it; or attract a nice pretty house?

He said  : No, you didn’t think of these things.

I said     : I did.

He said  : So, you didn’t think about it most of the time.

I said     : I did.

He said  : So, you didn’t feel you were thinking of getting it.

I said     : What does it mean?

He said  : When you thought of it, you thought of your deprivation of it, not you getting it, so you attracted deprivation and let it go!!

I said     : Sir,  Just, shut up please!

Then the Master professor continues saying (singular of Masters above and sometimes called Lord too):

If a seriously ill patient suffering of a deadly disease that he is thinking about his recovery, he will be cured; but he feels that he is thinking about his illness.

Oh God Almighty!! My Master Professor, the man is ill and you are demanding him to reframe the human within him and eliminate the characteristic of distinct feeling, so he doesn’t feel and think about his disease only so that your law is precise.

I am also going to enact a law competing with your law, mark this down:

Dear concerned: Everything will eventually be good, and if they don’t get better yet, then know that it’s not the End, and I bet you this will never happen.

  • The following are also the statements of the technique of self-development experts: “Every person possesses internal energy, positive and negative, and when this energy is focused on anything, people, inanimate objects, and even the dead, this energy transmit between the two points in a beam lime the beam of light, and the impact is directly or inversely, negative or positive according to a specific law. Which I am not going to mention now. Moreover, this is a pure science fiction that only suitable for a cartoon movie.
  • There are many hypotheses that are consistent under the heading of Law, including:

Mind reading, telepathy, Neurolinguistics programming NLP.

Self-development hoax

The prominent feature in speaking of self-development and human development is the use of a flexible language with replicable vocabularies, such as, success, influence, power, control, and leadership. Which is mostly an emotional structural language, that tickles hope, and kindle aspirations, and doesn’t set up a real ladder of ascension to achieve this.

All these hypotheses and theories are acceptable within their scope, which are to present scientific hypothesis that are debatable and not of course, demonstrable because they do not invoke the criteria of sense and experience and natural sciences; but it’s only rather assumptions based on conjecture exactly as in Dreams interpretation, talking about leprechauns, the Unseen, and the distance-space; as for these hypothesis turning into a persuasive material sold with money in an intensified Market, then that will not be any different of paid sorcery sessions, charlatanism, and astrology.

And my opinion, is that this new technique was first submitted to us by importing philosophical and theoretical intellectuals from abroad through the interest of Arab scholars to raise the issues of discussion that revolve in academic and research corridors in the field of psychology and management science out of the objective of scientific luxury. Then, came those who exploit these exciting points to present them in the market as saleable scientific discoveries, and from this point started the flood and the scum came along.

I also believe that the popularity of this type of market, and its numerus victims based on what these courses and sessions offer of Mental Mobilization, which depends on filling the minds of the recipient’s mind with information and implications that make him restore seeing things around him in a way that looks like Brain Wash, so he doesn’t believe except what he sees and doesn’t see except what he wants to see.

Thus, he lives in a large delusion of his mind-creation only and has nothing to do with what things are, and the reality of the people around him, as he may see himself as successful and loved, while he is a material for amusement. And if he found anyone mocking him, he automatically assesses him as an enemy of success and needs self-development sessions to agree with his vision.

Quick success tips

Most of this Mental Mobilization is based on providing tips, experiences, and guidance that are only intended to how to achieve success and fame by any means, and of course, success here is meant by rapid, consumable, and shallow success. The success of fashion models, celebrities of Trivial interests, fast-barter businessmen, stock brokers, and marketing experts, marketing anything, as well as participants in those workshops and courses, their followers, and those who are mesmerized by them.

The whole work is also a self-serving, lustering before others, even if it’s through means that collide with purity, honesty, and objectivity, It’s natural for the self-development experts to say to the aspirant trainee: “You should listen to whoever is talking to you”, Great! This is beautiful virtue, but he will succeed: “You don’t necessarily listen to understand what he says, but to gain his confidence!!! What a disappointment!!! Then, the matter here is to pretend, allege, and forgery only to luster my image before him, then I gain his confidence, and then I strike.

This is why a group of celebrities have appeared in our recent years at lightning speed, bedew upon us a lot of TV channels, Newspapers, Seminars, and internet. When you scrutinize them, you won’t find them providing any authentic, clear, well-defined message.

You will not find one of them specialized in a particular scientific or literary discipline, and you will not find one of them providing their own experience in any matter, they only speak about everything and nothing all together. About technology, politics, law, education, ethics, psychology, history and biography, all that without any controls, no scrutinize, and no depth. Hence the name of political analyst in Arab media has spread, or the Expert with “X” intellectual groups!!!

Try and summon from your memory the famous names in self-development that are applicable to these descriptions, and when you believe that the aura surrounding them is much greater than their natural sizes, spread this conviction among your acquaintances and friends.  


Abdullah Al-salem
Abdullah Al-salem
Blogger critic poet from Qatar

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