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Digitizing Human being in the Modern Era

رقمنة الإنسان

Digitizing the human being is gradually transforming him into a digital machine that responds to the specified inputs to give the expected or close results. As he is a human being and not a real machine, digitizing him is represented by the expected difference between data and results.

The Industrial Revolution is the beginning of human digitizing

After the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century, the human being invented modern methods for automating the production, through forming molds, manufacturing machines, and drawing plans that automatically do a lot of work on behalf of human being, in the field of the effort of his hands or the diligence of his mind.

The purpose of that, at the beginning, was using the industries to help the human being in managing his life, cultivation, trade, transportation and health. However, it turned into an obsession, the industry itself became a purpose, and the human being expanded in manufacturing of machines and redundant products. Then he invented new psychological and social methods to sell his products and inventions that led to the prevailing of consumption culture.

That followed by a new stage in which the services trade, mediation and marketing took hold, and the human being filled with the industrial products. In each new stage, ready-made productive templates, fixed plans, stable patterns, and mechanisms used, established approaches, and duplicate numbers were inflated. Then the digitizing of human being started without his attention.

Let us take two examples of the impact of industry on the gradual digitizing of the human being without his attention:

The invention of the printer

A person used to write his letters, books and notes with his hand, and each writer had a unique handwriting, method, spirit and sometimes smell. I bet that a large amount of lovers’ letters were valued in their writer’s handwriting, zigzags, the spacing and convergence of letters, the size and color of the font, type of ink and paper, etc.

The printer came and relieved the human being from much trouble, speeded up the process, and increased productivity. However, it eliminated the unique spirit that existed in the ancient writing mechanism, equalized all writers, and united all books. The human feelings that were broadcasted in the ancient letters became just mechanical inputs and similar numbers, and a person has to choose between digitizing and spirituality.

Formal education systems

The formal education mechanism that we know today was not the used formula for education in previous eras. Rather, education was more free and capable of innovation, creativity and uniqueness, as every teacher used to give his students what he had of the sciences and knowledge independently and freely, and the students used to find other sciences and knowledge with other students, which they in turn took from their free teacher.

As for formal education today, it teaches everyone with the same information, the same methods and the same curricula, and transgressing them are deemed forbidden. In doing so, the instinct of human curiosity and the spirit of discovery and creativity have been destroyed.

All that happened due to the effect of forming in the modern industrial world, as the education official deals with the educational process in the way he deals with wood, plastic or cars factory. Regular groups, stable plans, pre-templates, and expected results, and this is another stage of digitizing modern human being.

Digitizing human being in the era of the technological revolution

The mechanism of human digitizing in the era of technology, the digital technical revolution, the means of communication and new media has reached the peak. This can be inferred through these sub-aspects:

Consolidation of taste

The major global companies and international political actors with intercontinental goals have huge platforms in the new global media, and software, technologies, applications and social media.

Aside from conspiracy theory and deliberate stating, the reality is already witnessing that these technologies, software and media have transformed humanity into two teams. The team of influencers who are a few, comparing to the population of the earth, and the team of affected followers, who are the bulk of the population of the earth.

That would be measured on producing a frivolous video clip of a person dancing to Kiki song and this video spread like wildfire, to the extent that we see the popular poet Ibn Shalhat dancing on Kiki song.

You can measured on this the rest of the topics of human taste, and the standards of approval and reception, which were supposed to be divers and different, such as poetry, movies, food, products, devices, cars, characters and ideas.

The human being responds in his taste to the prevailing, widespread and common, and to what are preferred and suggested by famous people. This happens to each person separately, resulting in a large group of people who are similar in taste and personal preference.

Unifying patterns of thinking and behavior

The abundance of others’ experiences in social media and new media platforms, even in the smallest details of their daily lives, and the ease of viewing them, left the majority idle in their ability to go through the experience themselves in similar situations and deal with it independently. So we became have large groups of people giving the same results for the same Introductions, like a group hypnosis.

Hence, the principle of blind correctness has spread and prevailed, which is to judge a matter as being right or wrong, because the majority see that, without researching or referring to the source of correction and error, philosophically or aesthetically.

A single photo, a one-second reaction, or even a small emotion image can blow up a long talk about anything important, and hijack the idea into its pre-prepared environment.

Forced selection of digital standards and conditions

You are free, human being. Rather, the slogan of our era is freedom, justice and equality, nevertheless; if you do not follow our digital standards and terms, the world will blow you away, and you have to migrate to the nineteenth century or shortly before.

The tyrannical COVID-19 vaccine is optional, there is no heavily armed military will attack your home by a force to inject you with it forcibly. However, if you choose not to take it, you will not be able to travel, move, shop, sell, buy, or go to work, hospital, mosque, university, or school. Even, Mohi Aldeen, the grocer in the neighborhood, will not sell you a bottle of water until you show it the digital notice proving that you have taken the vaccine and joined the herd of digitizing developed human beings, and you are free, we are not forcing anyone.

Digital herd

Since Google and the other Companies have been launched, they directed the herd in a slow, smooth, gradual, invisible or tangible way through imposing unified taste, behavioral and mental standards for the inhabitants of the digital world. Some of the founders of these standards in Google and other Companies have appeared in the Social Dilemma documentary film and regretted. One of them said, “I was terrified at the idea that we are twenty or thirty people controlling and directing the thought and behavior patterns of two or three billion people on Earth.

We, the bloggers, are well aware of this. If the blogger wants to write a creative topic, even if he is the poet Abu Al-Tayeb Al-Mutanabbi himself (One of the most prominent Arab poets in the past.), then he must write the topic according to Google’s rules for good writing, which so-called SEO standards. The conclusion of SEO is that you must write on a topic that people search for frequently in Google according to the Long Tail Keyword, otherwise your topic will not appear in Google search results and no one will read it. Google tells you that people search a lot for the Kiki dance, so you should, Abu Al-Tayeb Al-Mutanabbi, write a poem for us about Kiki dance.

After choosing the topic, which is Kiki dance, you must follow a set of standard instructions, repeat the word Kiki dance ten times in the poem, and be clear and simple. Metaphors and creative expressions of you, Abu Al-Tayeb Al-Mutanabbi, are not acceptable and you should leave them to disclose in the Council of Saif Al-Dawla (The founder of the Emirate of Aleppo, encompassing most of northern Syria).

Here, major companies, businessmen, and international political bodies with transcontinental goals enter and pay billions to Google through advertising to promote their products and ideas, so that after a while they become one of the things that people are most looking for.

For example, a company called Indomecom gives billions of dollars to Google for intensive ads for five years, so the digital herd is affected by the intensity of Indomecom propaganda. When you come to write a topic about something threatening the planet, Google tells you that this topic is failing, and no one will read it, and you have to try writing about a topic glorifies the revered Indomie, because the herd frequently searches for it.

Once, I sought help from Khamsat Website or an independent site, I do not remember now, with an SEO expert to examine my blog in terms of SEO standards. Indeed, it took the expert two days to present his report after studying the blog topics, then he came and told me that I should pay more attention to SEO standards, and when I asked him what do you mean? He said, “Write about hotels, Shelat (type of songs) and hamburgers in your country, as this is the highest searched topics according to Google search engine data!

This is one of the results of digitizing of modern humans. The herd is the one who leads the helm.

The danger of human digitizing

The fear is not that artificial intelligence will surpass natural intelligence, the human jobs will be replaced with machine, or robots will wage a devastating war on the human race, as in I, Robot movie starring of Will Smith. Rather, the deepest, hidden, and closest of all this is effect of the quiet and gradual digitizing of human being on ceasing the practice and revitalization of his humanity.

In the past, God used to send messengers and prophets to lead humanity to a radical change in their thoughts, behavior, and life style. If there was a prophet after the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in our era, he would have been a businessperson who owned digital platforms such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, iPhone, and wosom blog, no; the last one is a feel of grandiose. By the way, you have to visit wosom blog.

So I think that the Antichrist who will appear at the end of time and control the minds of a large number of people. As well as represent them in the form of the God, with heaven and fire, and the sky rains and the earth sprouts by his command, is nothing but a hacker or a great electronic programmer, who has enormous digital capabilities. He also uses science to do some Acrobatic skills in front of millions of mobs who were affected deeply by human being digitizing.

Including the cultivation of smart digital segments in the human mind under the pretext of treating neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, hearing loss, depression and insomnia. As in the project of the controversial billionaire businessman Elon Musk and Neuralink Company.

You can imagine as a result that millions of people have a main nerve control unit somewhere in the universe, run by a single company or organization, through which their instantaneous feelings unify, whether sadness or happiness, or they think the same thing at the same moment, to the last terrifying scenario.

Translated By: Mohammed Saleh Wahban

Abdullah Al-salem
Abdullah Al-salem
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