Did Muslim Brotherhoods fail or thwarted in Egypt?

Did Muslim Brotherhoods fail or thwarted in Egypt?

Muslim Brotherhood Failure in Egypt

Nothing can alter freedom, and one of the most prominent features of political freedom is to enable the poplar’s will effectively to choose a president through a free and fair election, even if the late President Morsi was a member of the Muslim Brotherhoods party “Freedom and Justice”, Despite the power of hostility from surrounding adversaries. This is the peak of the hump of the political freedom, because when people are able to choose their representative, they will certainly be able to hold him accountable, and if necessary, his impeachment through agreed constitutional and legal channels.

Other than that, is a coup, conspiracy, aggression or a violation of order and law and popular will.

So, what happened in Egypt Subsequently to the 25th January Revolution, and the overthrow of Mubarak’s Regime, and the legitimate election of a president? And did the Muslim Brotherhoods really fail in Egypt or thwarted?

What really happened, was several external influential and internal powers have allied, with one thing in common, which was the adversarial with the Muslim Brotherhoods, aiming to thwart their administration to the country, starting from the first few months until they came to the reinforcement by the Military forces to oust President Morsi from power, who was the legitimate president who was elected by the people in a fair genuine legitimate election, with evidence of the whole world, the president and his supporters were arrested right after the Military coup falsely called “30th June 2013 revolution”.

Simply, that’s it.

Now, let’s highlight these adversaries.

The adversaries of the Muslim Brotherhoods

The Salafist adversary

The Salafists in the Gulf (Al-Jameya), those who disagree with the Muslim Brotherhoods in the origin of the religion, as they see them as a heresy rouge group, away from the only and righteous Islamic Approach. They are one of the seventy-two divisions that are in Hell as per Hadeeth. 

In addition, Al-Jameya had put their hands in the hands of the ruling regimes, which are adversaries to the Muslim Brotherhoods, mainly political adversity, So, the adversity of Al-Jameya for the Muslim Brotherhoods have turned to be divided in both legitimate and political.

Despite what the Salafists in Egypt have in common with the Salafists in the Gulf in various doctrinal, methodological, and Jurisprudential (Fiqhi) terms, such as the absolute denial of demonstrations even if they were peaceful, Boycott of elections and political parties, governing affairs, and deep disagreement with the Muslim Brotherhoods; etc…

However, the political movement that was available in Egypt after the Egyptian Revolution placed the Salafists in Egypt in a direct confrontation with reality, so they engaged in the political work and were forced to work with the Muslim Brotherhoods against the rest of their adversaries. They remained like that until they surprised everyone with their turning over their Islamic allays just before the Military forces ousted President Morsi.

Ideological adversary

They are those who have adversarial with Muslim Brotherhoods in the origin of monotheism; or Muslims; or Islamists or Sunni. That’s why this is the part where all the Muslim Brotherhoods’ adversaries join, either because he is atheist, no-Muslim, Secular, Liberal, ontological, or non-Sunni.

However, when investigated, Liberals cannot have the right to our Arab, Muslim homeland to be adversaries with the Muslim Brotherhoods because he is Liberal, but we are used to disassociate this term with its followers and those who are outcast because of it, and Liberalism often mixed – in the abstract – with Secularism, Ontologism, etc…

Political adversary

The political adversary of the Muslim Brotherhoods in Egypt can be summarized in three adversaries: The American Global System, the Arab regimes, and the rival political parties. And I will enumerate here in details as follows:

The Global System

The adversity of the global system led by America and the West against Muslim Brotherhoods, especially after their success in Egypt, which only a Polemicist or ignorant who would be sceptical about it, West’s literature and policies are overt by fear of Islam and warning of its spread, how then did an Islamic party win the presidency of a strategic country such as Egypt?

Also, the American imperialism in the Middle East and guarantee of Israel’s security are based on the alliance with the Arab regimes and their parties, and therefore a new party entrance to the political stage of the game in the region, is a freaky apprehensive matter for USA. How if this party raises the Islamic slogan that may include hostile headlines such as Jihad, loyalty, absolve, infidels and so on?

US Senator “Mark Kirk” has declared US fears regarding the Muslim Brotherhoods’ winning of presidency in Egypt, and explicitly declared the US cooperation with Secular Intellectuals in Egypt to limit Muslim Brotherhoods’ win.

The Arab regimes

As for the ruling Arab regimes, whose adversity’s reasons with the Muslim Brotherhoods are glaring as day light, as they don’t care about the Muslim Brotherhoods’ ideology, their beliefs, their slogan, nor anything else. They are only concerned with the Muslim Brotherhoods being a threat to keep the members and families of the of the Authority in power without taking the reasons into consideration. And many of them declared this, and here is prince “Nayef”, the late Saudi Minister of Interior, stating this reason explicitly in this interview.

And they all in this are alike, without any exception. And those who deviate out of this norm, their only interpretation is temporary political containment.

The Arab regimes didn’t give any additional concerns to the adversity with the Muslim Brotherhoods before the Arab Spring events, due to the stability of the security and political situations in the region at that time (the blessing of security and safety). And this is what has completely changed after the Muslim Brotherhoods won in Egypt and Qatar supported them. They were suddenly attacked by Media aggression in a furiously manner that they were demonized, ejected out of the good citizen’s system, considered them a banned terrorist organization, and then pursued and detained them as in Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A.), and United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).

Television, Press, and social media have shown activists dedicated to warning of the Muslim Brotherhoods in the Gulf, and the necessity to Boycott them, repudiating them, and participation in fighting them. As this is a national duty.

 As if the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhoods was just a truffle that has just sprout in the Arab territories.

Therefore, if you ask a young man from UAE, for example, about the Muslim Brotherhoods, he will just describe them with the most terrible descriptions, and accuse them with the most horrifying and dangerous charges in religion, intellectual, intent, and morality, as if he describes the Demon itself. All this and he didn’t meet with one Emirati Muslim Brotherhoods “Ikhwan” in these descriptions, but this Mental Mobilization, Media and security dedication implanted this deformed stereotype in his mind.

The rival political parties

Egypt’s rival political parties are at different levels of adversity, between honest rival ambitious for winning with legitimate methods, and those who are less than that, reaching to the adversary who is libertine in his adversity hopefully to defeat his adversary with all the available means, whether legitimate or not, even if this have permeated fatalities, facilities incineration, conspiracy with third parties, and put the country and the society into chaos.

The Pragmatic adversary

He is a highly adaptive parasite adversary, following his own interest, and his interest is always with the strongest, the victorious, and the stable, whether domestic, or International. And he may disguise in any of the three official adversaries.

These exploitative adversaries are a mixture of mainly businessmen, seekers for money, fame, lust, power, and some media professionals, celebrities, and influential, and even those associated with culture, religion, and forensic science.

And whenever two of the a adversity’s reasons or more were collaborated in someone, they keen to be more intense and harsh, and may tend to be extremist, violent, and strict ostracism.

Tilted Balance

Against this arena full of a combination of powers, organizations, institutions, political parties, and individuals, the Muslim Brotherhoods stood alone or almost alone in the opposite arena, and President Morsi took it upon himself to “clap with only one hand”, and to overcome all obstacles internal and external within four years. No, within only one year.

And this is what has not happened, and cannot happen within the natural human capacity.

Egypt had just emerged from a popular revolution against an unjust authoritarian regime, which was also an extension of similar previous regimes. The government has been penetrated deep to the bones by chronic corruption either its economic, security, and cultural systems and institutions, and even in the way people think and their mental and psychological aptitude.

There were no means to confuse the presidency, that the adversaries left without using it, the voices of media appeared on wide screens, press, and social media, spreading rumors, magnifying mistakes, accusing the intentions, and releasing sarcastic, negative and doubtful comments. Sometimes it gets radical by insulting, slurring, cursing, or call for violence, disobedience and confusion.

President Morsi has become, instead of being a respectable symbol of the country, turned to be a material for jokes and humor, and all what he says or does is a fertile soil for passive criticism. Even his voice, his walk, his words, and the movements of his hands!!! How can he act, with his decisions, and his internal and external political participations?

Calls for protest demonstrations, ridiculous campaigns, and the blocking of construction, and occupying the people instead of motivating them to plunge into their workloads and production.

In addition, there are the secret plots, conspiracies, and assignments that have no tangible evidence of involvement, but it’s well-known obviously due to the circumstances the necessity of their existence among large political alliance.

The outcomes of vilification campaigns

After this continuous inflaming and popular hostility against the Muslim Brotherhoods, many individuals of the simple Egyptian society, and I mean by “simple” the lowest laboring levels which are the majority of the population, they found what the adversaries are saying is true in its entirety, their economic status became worse, and security did not settle properly, the demonstrations did not cease, and tourism was declined, and the future is unknown.

These simpletons do not have the leverage to concern about theorizing, excess philosophy to investigate the declined economic and political reasons for their status, as much as they care about the tangible outcomes before them. So, some of them started to lose confidence in the presidency, and the Muslim Brotherhoods’ party, and started to be convinced a little bit by the vigorously dedicated demonization.

The main players in the Muslim Brotherhoods’ adversity were able to start gathering so many protesters in Tahrir square, the streets of the governorates, and other Egyptian cities during the 30th Jun demonstration.

Well, protesters! What are you asking for? Constitutional amendment? Cabinet reshuffle? Establishment of a presidency Monitoring and Accountability authority?

The answer was no, we only want to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhoods rule and oust President Morsi, and even if these were to be assault on the first and most important results of the 25th January revolution, which is Legitimacy!!!

Well, what has called for this impetuous, extremist and impatient demand that cannot wait until the presidential session is completed?

Unfortunately, the answer was a bunch of justifications, and excuses that did not level up to the seriousness and importance of the demand, so, let us know the redoubts and objections that have called upon the adversaries of the Muslim Brotherhoods “Ikhwan” to venture of Egypt’s future with such boldness and to overthrow legitimacy.

The adversaries’ objections over the rule of the Muslim Brotherhoods

Abuse Religion to gain power.

This is a theoretical and unverified allegation, as it is based on intentions and cannot be objectively evaluated. Unless it is established and proved through the actions and practices accumulated over the long years and the different attitudes that the religion slogan was and still only a formal cover, which have been cleared and identified to everyone as false. This is what has not happened in the case of the Muslim Brotherhoods’ policy after the presidency, in quantitative and qualitative terms.

Conducting with Iran

It looks as if the Arab and Gulf countries, but also the whole world are not dealing and communicating with Iran diplomatically, politically, and economically, and there are no embassies, attaché’s, and economic institutions such as the bank-chains of Iran’s Export Bank (Bank Saderat Iran) in different Gulf cities.

Such a course of communication is acceptable in its origin not only with Iran, but with every country that homeland interest depends on communicating with it.

Void of their Islamic Slogans

Such as the non-liberation of Palestine, non-prevention of liquor, and non- closure of discotheques and dance halls. This, although it didn’t happen in President Morsi’s rule, but reality prevents it, at least in this short time. The Muslim Brotherhoods has never raised a stupid political slogan in this regard, but it is actually a mere mockery of the Islamists’ literature, who talk about their hopes and dreams to establish a state that can execute all this.

Brotherhood of the State “Akhwana”

This is a rhetoric allegation that is difficult to monitor or evaluate, what is the exact control of the absolute statement “Brotherhood of the State” or “Akhwana”? Is it the appointment of a one Muslim Brotherhoods, or two or ten? And in which specific institution? For the validity of this allegation, there should be a whole government of Muslim Brotherhoods “Ikhwan”, including all its Ministers, economists, governors, judges, Media professionals and all its symbols. The reality is, of course, contradicting and the closest example is “Sisi” the Minister of Defense who led the coup.

It is also natural and acceptable that the Governor, during his rule, bring around those who are close to his intellectual, and inclinations to appointments in the state, provided that this does not have a detrimental influence on the interests of other factions.

And many who scream high with this objection on the Muslim Brotherhoods, ignores the structure of government in their system, which is not based on intellectual convergence, but proximity to lineage, blood, tribe, interest and private loyalty.

Widespread hostility of the Muslim Brotherhoods to their adversaries

They inferred on that with an incident that occurred here, a demagogic confrontation there, an irresponsible statement from a bearded man, and a farce from a speaker belonging to the Muslim Brotherhoods, and so on.

They want to frame all this officially to the Muslim Brotherhoods, as if it is one of the main terms that the party is based on. But even in particular, they claim these frames to the new Egypt’s presidency, and President Morsi himself.

No doubt that errors are possible to happen from everybody, how about if it was of a large group that include the scientist, the ignorant, the sincere, the liar, the reasonable, the fool, the serious, The wanton, the remunerated, the mole, and the fickle.

Justice, even, does not attribute the wrong position to the party unless it is adopted and approved by the party. Because individual jurisprudence is not evidence of the official attitude of the Muslim Brotherhoods group.

Failure to stabilize security and revive the Economy and Development

Even if this is true in practice, but because of the Muslim Brotherhoods’ adversaries have insisted on derail the new born state out of a corruption, authoritarianism  and tyranny devastated womb for so long. 

They neither participated in the construction, nor left others to build, and even if they participated in the construction, the country will not recover overnight and there is no magic wand that turns all of the chronic corruption waste into green gardens, golden towers, hanging bridges, and wealthy people.

And if this un-honorable competition for power continues in the same way, then Morsi’s ousted will not change anything and Egypt will remain a tourist-repellent, investors- repellant, hope- repellant, and a stability insurmountable country. 

Abdullah Al-salem
Abdullah Al-salem
Blogger critic poet from Qatar

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