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To admire or to despise America

Arabs and America

 What does (America) actually means to you? So what is the real relationship between the Arabs and America out of diplomatic protocols?

War, aggression, Israel endearment, western imperialism, scientific revolution, political democracy, liberty, job opportunities, crusades, infidelity, moral disengagement, sovereignty, September 11th attacks. This is America, isn’t it?  

A spacious concept of America, one might deals with it either right in the admired corner or in the fear corner.

America is the center library of the world

America can be described as enormous and only library in the city, which holds various books including: religion, medicine, witchcraft, technology, sex, literature, law, crime and all possible good and wicked categories. By virtue of being the only resource to the citizens; it is as good cherishing them with learning the successful lifestyle as lighting the way for criminals and witches to find their way to success. 

 The essence of the library refers to the old librarian whom dedicated to enrich the library with cognitional perfection. It is hopeless to interfere with the devoted-old librarian method of collecting and presenting these books as he believes nobody can master this job like he does. In other words; it’s either his way or no way.

Hence, library: earth, the old Librarian: America, citizens: us.

Therefore, how can we deal with this old man?

 3 options are before us:

  1. To end this evil source it is either to fire or kill the old man. However, we would terminate the good from the citizens, that’s a lead.
  2. To come to agreement with him and accept all of his actions to preserve the good within the city alongside a never ending debate with the evil without any attempt to fight it, and that’s another lead.
  3. The more convenient procedure and measurement is to spread the good within the people and fight the evil simultaneously rather than accepting or preventing the old librarian method.

Forthwith, leaving the old librarian and return to America in reality.

The good and the evil in America  

Eliminating America’s decisions and political orientations which conflicts with our Arabian, Islamic and oriental issues such as: wars, political and cognitional destruction and support Israel.

Eliminating America’s biased intellectual and literary thesis, such as: Fukuyama’s (The End of History and the Last Man) and the superiority of US economy not to mention the betting of neocon and Huntington’s betting on modern civilization and the America’s identity.

Having said that, after eliminating numerous residues is between our hands.

The residue is millions of humans with zero grudge and no sympathy yet most of them are unaware of our religion, culture or even our details.

The residue also is hundreds of productive scientific institutions that exports medicines, products, inventions, and advanced research to the whole world. Hundreds of courts and civil society establishments that manages people’s rights transparently alongside compline to the law.

The residue is millions of overwhelmed innocent and strange children and elderly who’s anticipated for the bread and the serenity.

  The residue is millions of Muslims and Arabs and hundreds of mosques and Islamic schools.

The residue is plenty of the good, the peace and the civilization, all of the above is within America.

How do we miss those kind people during our hostile and our urge exterminate America’s evil?

Death to America

The shallow memory of most of us reflects disgust and the picture of “America the enemy”, at the first glance at American citizen or at American firm’s job opening it also advocates the fantasy of emotional fight.

Prejudice, bias, unfair produced by mental mobilization.

This disastrous emotional hostile is utterly primitive and shallow which consumed effectively only in vulgar nonsense encouragements.

However, in contrast, deep inside us we are carrying remotely different feelings, the most unconscious sincere deposits that we interpret them in numerous reactions and behaviors.

Arabs and America : Secret Idol

Certainly, we all have encountered in more than one discussion the magic that lies between the pages of the American passport and the wonders that it carries within, and we’re all endured the stories of how the holder of this passport can overpass the obstacles of the global airports even if the holder hides the Mongolian passport in his back pocket.

We’re eager for the US college certificate, mostly to be proudly referred to as “the US alumni”. Our plenty complexes can be summed up in: Xenophile, Stockholm syndrome, masochism disorder, self-abasement, the sense of the western superiority, cultural alienation. 

We admire America’s pioneering manufacturing, media, art, technology and democracy. This admiration is unconcealed even if it’s hidden publicly.

Islamic U.S.A

A spontaneous wondering: if an Islamic state existed (a modern state not to recall the Rashidun Caliphate) is suddenly the great state in the world exactly as America today. How its policy is going to be towards the weaker states and the opposite states in religion and culture?

Is it sufficient to depict it as Islamic (as the Islamic states are today)? To grow into a symbol of peace, love and justice. Or is it going to be slightly subordinate or further primary?

Is it going to conquer the weaker states in quest of more power and wealth?

Is it going to conquer the opposite states (in religion and culture) in the name of “Jihad” and Muslim conquests?

Briefly, to what extent this state is going be similar with America as the powerful state that takes advantage of its power and relations to achieve its interests like war in Afghanistan and Iraq and supporting Israel and the war against terrorism?

America’s Clarity

Let’s be frank, America hasn’t veiled its wars with fighting Islam or Arabism. It has been clear and straight forward. We’re afraid of radical Islam and political Islam and fighting it with various presences.

America does not run by oriental nor Islamic-Arabian regime that’s the reason why it only cares for what’s opposite and it is not hypocrite and their senses are sincere.

Americans are not blamed for fighting us military or peacefully, it is our brothers of blood and flesh that are blamed for misleading us for their hypocrites struggle for our case, our believes and our identity as they only fight for their little thrones that cost our innocent blood.


Abdullah Al-salem
Abdullah Al-salem
Blogger critic poet from Qatar

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